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Cam Plas Objectives

The Management & Staff of CAM LAS (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD as a corporat citizens are committed in their Quality, Environment, Health & Safty, Code of Conduct and Ethical at all time and to ensure effective actions taken to have better and safe daily working life environment.

Quality of Life

Continuously be respectfully and harmoniously in work environment for better quality of life

Environment Protection

To have Risk-Base Management approach in order to eliminate or reduce pollution, wastages & hazardous substance to protect the Earth Environment

Health & Safety

Constantly be committed for the caring on health, safety and welfare of worker

Labor & Ethic

Committed to ensure our company is free from force labor and continuously practicing ethic

Ethics Escalation Policy

The Management & Staff of CAM PLAS (S) PTE LTD are committed to ensure the following


Objectives of this policy:


  1.      Deter wrongdoing and to promote standards of good corporate practices.


    2.    Provision of proper avenues for employees to raise/provide concerns/information         about actual or suspected cases on bribery, harassment, victimization or bullying

​   3.    Give employees the assurance that they will be protected from job dismissals/reprisals/retaliation for whistleblowing in good faith.






Whistleblowers will be protected from reprisals/retaliation/harassment for whistleblowing in

good faith, even if no violation was found to have occurred eventually.

However, management will not condone frivolous, mischievous or malicious allegations.

Employees making such allegations will face disciplinary action in accordance with the Company Disciplinary Procedures.

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